Panel: Zero Waste to Landfill


In 2009, FCCC became the first chassis manufacturer and first company within the trucking industry to achieve Zero Waste to Landfill status in the United States. We went from disposing 250,000 pounds per month of solid waste in January 2007 to disposing zero pounds as a result of numerous environmental efforts implemented at the FCCC facility – a status we maintain to this day.

FCCC’s operations are geared toward reducing our environmental impact through waste reduction and landfill avoidance while also improving air quality and employee awareness. We have achieved great success in these endeavors with the help of our “Green Team” of employees who are committed to reducing the overall carbon footprint within the company and community. Through perseverance and teamwork, we reached our goal a full three months ahead of schedule. Where once there was over 100 pounds of solid landfill waste per chassis built, now there is none.

By standardizing how we manage our recyclable waste, we can now focus on sustainability and the push toward more environmental targets and objectives, such as further energy reductions and decreasing the need for recycling through reducing our overall waste generation and reusing whenever possible.